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Our Story 

Kids habit for packing their own school bags is a annoying task. a notebook or a book will be always missing...

Moreover the drawbacks of carrying heavy school bags are huge.
As seen in Symmetry health Chiropractic center:
"Child’s spine is still developing and can only handle a certain amount of stress without causing damage. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission found during a recent study that 75% of children in the age range of 8 to 12 years were complaining of back pain. What was causing these children to have back pain? It was connected to the number of things they were carrying in their backpacks for school." As well as distribute the weight evenly by carrying it on both shoulders.

As parents for three kids, we are so familiar with these daily issues, even on ourselves as we were kids....

We enthusiastic for innovation and technology, so one day we decided to develop TiKBAG in order to help all the pupils worldwide.

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