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Smart to school scheduling & healthy travel

What does it mean?

​It's already known that Healthy environment in school and traveling to school is essential to pupils success.

According to American school health association:

"School Health is the comprehensive efforts of developing, implementing, and evaluating services, both within the school and the community, that provide each and every student with the resources needed to thrive within a healthful environment. School Health initiatives should work to promote inclusive environments in which students can learn together about, and develop, healthy behaviors overtime".

Research's confirms that students do better in school when they are emotionally and physically healthy. They miss fewer classes, are less likely to engage in risky or antisocial behavior, concentrate more, and achieve higher test scores. (By: ”Health and social services Haldimand-Norfolk”).

Naturally the observation should be start before the pupils arrived at school. Hence how can it be done ?

Our Vision


Helping Children to Avoid Back Pain currently in order to decrease future body damages.

Children around the world carrying backpacks to school while in most of the cases their backpacks are overweight.

The officials recommends, Child’s backpack should never weight more than
10% -15% of  his body weight.

Carrying heavy school bags make children lose interest with education and lose interest in studies.


Expert recommendations

Imparting knowledge and education; Take only the necessary items, Clean the Backpack Often, Get bags with wide and padded shoulder straps& Waist Strap, Organized Backpacks Creatively; heavy textbooks in the back and light itmes in the front. Use of School Lockers If Any and make sure to complete the Everyday Assignments at Home ,etc.


Our solution

Developing a simplicity but innovative technological product.

At first, every parent and child will be able to follow the schedule and prevent forgetting essential items by using dedicated product and App.
In addition and most important thing, the smart bag product measures the weight of the bag in relation to body weight and  bag balance. If the bag weight is too high or un-balanced, a real-time notification is provided by smartphone App.


The key to success is a group of efforts from parents, students, teachers and school authorities.

Eventually we all want healthy and happy children.


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